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Joybynature: Website Details & Review

Hello all,

Today I am going to introduce to you an all natural product website - This website is one of a kind in the Indian e-commerce industry. Websites offering natural, all herbal, organic products, both Indian and imported always existed in the market but none is as special as this one. This I can say with conviction and on what basis I say this, you will come to know by the end of this review.


In their own words " is about delivering joy from nature to your home".

They have showcased products for all requirements in day to day life, right from pulses, grains, spices, tea, coffee to makeup, skin care, bath & body to clothes, yoga, baby care to aromatherapy, home decor, home care to general health, weight management, diabetes, sexual disorder, liver & kidney etc. Hey did I miss on somethings? Definitely I did but they have taken care not to! Go hop on to their website to find all this and much more. claims that though they may not be crowded with brands but their products are carefully selected as their focus is to bring only the best to their customers.

Now let's talk about few of the things that really caught my interest. The list is really long but I shall focus on one at a time.

As you all know, I am great fan of chemical free/ herbal products specially for my skin and hair care routine, specially the products which are SLS/ SLES and paraben free. While browsing through the website, I found out that they have a tremendous collection of such shampoos and other hair care products, both Indian as well as Imported brands. This made me jump with joy. I mean I always used to think that there are not many players in this but as consumers are becoming aware, companies are radically shifting their focus toward such products.

Also the price is such that they are suitable for all. Do have a look.

Then there are products meant for home care and decor such as candles, air fresheners, mosquito repellents, diffusers, lamps etc. Again there are some splendid pieces of home decor, wide range of aroma oils and candles that are sure to make your home stand out.

Also there is one more section that caught my interest, i.e., "Spa@Home". In this you can find all products that are required to create a spa like feeling at home.

Other features of online shopping at

  • They offer free shipping for orders above INR 499/-. Otherwise just add INR 50/- for orders below that threshold. Pretty reasonable!
  • There are multiple options for accepting payments online for pre-paid orders. They also offer Cash on Delivery.
  • Delivery time is specified against each product and one is requested to check this feature before proceeding to make payment.
  • If there is delay in processing the order, the customer is informed via email and asked for future course of action. If the customer chooses not to go ahead with the order, it is cancelled and refund made within 10 working days.
  • Once the order is made, we receive a confirmatory email. And once the order is packed and ready for shipment, courier tracking details are again informed via email.
  • They have a very simple 30-day returns policy
  • They have a very active customer care team which gets back to you instantly once you raise a query.
Currently on the occassion of World Environment Day they are running a campaign which is explained in the picture below:

They also have this Harmony with Nature scheme which aims at giving back to nature whose fruits we enjoy day and night. Have a look:

At – we believe in Organic.  In letting, for example, brahmi and aamla take care of your hair, in letting Citronella, Eucalyptus Oil and Natural Extracts make your house free from flies and mosquitoes.  In short, we believe in harmony with nature.
At – we also believe in Organic with a cause.
Yes! While we bring chemical free, non-toxic and environment friendly products across a wide range of categories, we actively support Nature Conservation as well.
So each time you buy a natural oils based Environment Sanitizer, or organic flowers extracted Harde Honey, or Ghee from cows that feed on natural healthy grass etc, we donate Re 1 for every Rs 500 you shop to Project Greenhands towards tree plantation.  So if you shop for Rs 1000, we donate Rs 2, and if you shop for Rs 2500, we donate Rs 5 in your name.
This way, while we – you and us – reap the benefits of mother nature’s bounty, we also give back to her through our nature conservation effort.
This is our small effort towards a healthier you and a greener earth.  If you would like to know more about this, please write to us at
I totally recommend this site to all. Please go and once experience them. I am sure you're gonna be addicted. I am for sure! I really want to thank for bring all such products under one roof.

Keep up the good work folks :)

I have a few things from them and will soon share a haul post. Keep checking this space!

Bbye and enjoy the weekend.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing the info! :)

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