Thursday, October 8, 2015

Maybelline New York The Colossal Liner (Black)- Review & Swatches

Hello Folks,

Hope you all are feeling beautiful and blissful!

Maybelline has become such an eye candy for all of us in India with it's product range that are equally exciting and pocket friendly. Today up for review is one such jewel from them- The Colossal Liner in Black.

My Experience with the Colossal Liner in Black- I am pretty bad at drawing a smooth line when it comes to liquid liners. And worst when I have to draw them on someone else. So this liner is like my magic wand and I am never going to part with this one. I prefer calling it the sketch liner as it reminds one of thin tip sketch pens. Lol :)

Coming to usage part. As said earlier, it is pretty easy to use and it works with just a twist of wrist. Lines of the thinnest and thickest measure can be made and is super easy to control. Coming to color, it is not the blackest of black but can be build up/ swiped a couple of times to get that desired color. Also as far as I have experienced it till now, it is pretty much waterproof. Now you cannot stand under the shower continuously for long and then say it does not stay put.

The Likes:
  1. Boon for eye liner beginners
  2. Useful tool for experts
  3. Does not smudge
  4. Is waterproof
  5. Does not flake
  6. Is affordable
  7. Easily available
  8. Good pigmentation

The Dislikes: Honestly, I cannot point a con in this product, except for may be the lack of ingredient list (*makes puppy face*)

My Final Take: Go for it girls! Do not wait for tonnes of people to endorse it before you buy it. Horde it, if avaialble at discount/ sale and gift me a couple of them if you have excess! *wink*


  1. hahaha..I am getting it next

  2. Ha ha!! I'll surely hoard it. This sure seems like a great product. Thanks for a detailed review

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  3. I like it as a eyeliner because its hell easy to use. :-) Nice review


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