Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coloressence Premium Shades 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Pencil in Maple - My Review on MABH

Hello Ladies,

I am here with another review. This time I am going to talk about a very affordable lip pencil Coloressence Premium Shades 2 in 1 Eye and Lip Pencil in Maple. This is a beautiful red shade liner which can be used both as lip liner and on the eye (as claimed by the company) and is a budget buy. 

Quick likings for the product:

  1. Does not tug on application
  2. Good staying power and pigmentation
  3. Decently priced
  4. Contains beeswax, castor oil and coconut oil (hydrogenated)
Click here to read on the full review.


  1. hey supriya, i have the one in kohl violet and i did not liked the pigmentation at all. i will review that soon .:) this one still looks better.

    1. yes niesha... this has better pigmentation... i read about the violet one on the net and about its not-so-good pigmentation too..

  2. hey dear..nice review..i am your new have pretty interesting blog...please visit mine...

    1. thank u ruby.. will surely visit ur blog!! :)

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