Hello ladies,

I have decided to start a new feature on my blog, Blog Sale. This will be recurring, either weekly or monthly and I will be putting up my old/ used/ unused items (makeup, skin care or any other item of use) for sale that I seldom use/ don't suit me/ got bored of etc.

So below are the quick and easy rules for the sale:

1. Products will be delivered only in India.

2. Shipping is free above Rs. 500 and for below this amount Rs. 50 will be charged from the buyer against shipping. The differential shipping charges, if more, will be borne by TPN.

3. Free products for purchase above a certain amount:

4. All products will be sanitized before sending and wherever available along with boxes.

5. Packaging of the product will be done taking utmost care, still damage in transit will not be the responsibility of TPN.

6. Once you give your list, please do not back out so as to give fair chance to all buyers.

7. Finalize==> Comment or Email me (> Pay the amount within 48 hours of confirming your items==> Product shipped by us.

8. Please do not bargain. As it is the products are at throw away prices.

9. Tracking ID will be provided wherever applicable.

10. Payment Mode: Online or Cash deposit to bank. Online mode/ NEFT is preferred since there are no extra charges. For cash deposit, please add Rs. 25 to the total amount as bank charges.

11. If any other query remains, please drop me an email or comment below.

12. The blog sale will be a continuous feature and I shall keep adding or deleting items.

Keep visiting this page for updates.


  1. Great that you have added this supriya! I would love to see the things you are going to put here! :-)

  2. This is an amazing & creative idea!! Although there are many beauty and fashion bloggers but I have never seen someone so open and keen on sharing their loved products.
    It should be a win win for you as well as your readers. Good luck!! :)


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