Friday, August 31, 2012

Tattooed Tea Lady Giveaway

Hi folks,

Check out this huge giveaway hosted here..

Field of Tulips

Hi friends,

Click here to enter this lovely giveaway by Field of Tulips, which is open internationally.

The giveaway ends 5th Sept, 2012. So hurry!..

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lotus Herbals Cocoa Lip Therapy (Enriched with Botanical Abstracts)

Hello Ladies,

I am back from a long holiday. Ahh, I feel so bad.. Actually I had took a week off and went to my mom's place. And now coming back does not feel at all good. In my last post here, I had told you that I bought two lip care products, one of which, Vaseline Lip Care - Rosy Glow, has already been reviewed. Today I am going to review the other one, Lotus Herbals Cocoa Therapy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Experimental Nail Art

Hello people,

Though I am not much of a nail art person, I prefer it plain and simple, I got to experiment on the nails of my lil sis... You know, she cannot say no to me and obediently (read majmuri mein) lended her nails to me to vent our my creation. Fortunately (for her) it din't turn out to be that bad. As I had much going on in my mind and less of canvas, so I decided to paint each of her nail differently. Poor soul, she was ready with the nail polish remover as soon soon i finished clicking pics. 

Enjoy my creations and do tell how you liked them.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Competition Time - Win a Nails Inc Sprinkle of your choice plus more

Hi Ladies

A pretty giveaway is being held by Pretty Digits.. Click here to participate.

All the best. Me too hope to win!!..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vaseline Lip Care - Rosy Glow

Hello Everyone..

How is the day going along... Just waiting for holiday tomorrow.. Midweek breaks are such a breeze!!..
I recently purchased two lip colors, one a tinted lip gloss and another one a lip balm. The product that I am going to review today is a gloss from the lip care range of vaseline. I am sure all of us must have used the vaseline petroleum jelly and many of us (like me) still swear by it. It is definitely a savior. So when I saw this product from vaseline, I was sure it will benefit my dry and chapped lips. And the name rosy glow sent me into thinking about soft red tinted lips.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Youshine Shopping Experience

Dear All,

I recently shopped from a new website The site is so cute in design and its collection too. They don't stock much (giving you less choice options) but its decent enough to pick some. They have really cool stuff and it made me go in my teenage mode again and I was hell bent on buying everything on the site. But as I am on a controlled shopping mode and had to take care that I will buy only stuff that I can really put to use, I bought two bangle sets. The site gives you multiple options from jewellery (bangles, anklets. brooches, ear rings, rings, belts etc.) to hair accessories. Their bag section is yet to come up.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ramakrishna Vidyut Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Pune - Mahabhringaraj Oil

Hello Everyone,

The Mahabhringaraj oil that I am reviewing today is said to be a highly effective ayurvedic oil for any kinds of scalp and hair problems. It also said to improve the quality of sleep, giving deep, sound sleep and cures sleeplessness. It also stops untimely graying and falling of hair and helps destroys dandruff, lice and nits. Claims are even made to cure Allopacia Areata & baldness.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Shopping Experience with Soulflower

Hi beauties,

Soulflower is not a new name for organic and aromatic products lovers. It is a 100% vegan brand, doesn't test on animals, doesn't use any preservatives in its products and has full description of ingredients used in the products. What more can you ask for. I simply love soulflower. I recently shopped from them and will continuously do so in future too. Look what I bought:

1. Sandalwood Geranium Shampoo Bar
2. Baby Your Skin Soap

I will try these out soon and come with reviews.

Enjoy the pics.


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