Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcome to the world of gems

A gemstone that is bought and worn after consulting a knowledgeable astrologer has the potential to alter a person’s destiny. A birthstone when set into any piece of jewellery such as a ring, a pendant or even a bracelet, similar to the famous Salman Khan bracelet, becomes a must have everyday wear accessory. Buying gems online and wearing these in an accessory of their choice is an amazing idea for both men and women. In fact, many people are also choosing this type of semi precious stone jewellery over diamonds because along with elegance these bring the person immeasurable progress in both personal and professional domains of life.

Buying loose gemstones through an e-commerce website is a smart move because each of these has stones correct the wearer’s weak point and get him/her in better health, bring opportunities to lead at work and help the person find fuller, wholesome relationships at work and even helps bring money from wherever it is blocked. For example, an emerald gemstone is known to rekindle passion and pleasures in marriages and relationships.

Interestingly, it has been documented that about 200 decades ago, colour halls were made in several countries where patients were advised to take colour baths for curing their ailments, if any.  

Seven colours red, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo and orange produce a specific wavelength and rectify the flaws present in human mind and body. To illustrate, an amethyst stone is known to have a healing effect on hearing issues, sleep disorders along with body aches and pains. Also, a turquoise stone is known to bring one closer to divinity and naturalness.

GemPundit is truly a one stop shopping solution for gemstones. Buying gems through a reputed website is a hassle-free process as it allows the buyer to make a choice between buying loose gemstones or purchase these as a part of a ring.
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About Gem pundit: GemPundit is India's leading online retailer of gemstone jewellery. This website is one of the biggest dealers in gemstone jewellery and loose gemstones. The jewellery available on GemPundit makes use of top quality valuable stones and finest metals that is preferred and worn extensively by men and women of all ages. The website also provides a customer-friendly experience as it has services, like Cash on Delivery, replacement policy and free shipping. Gem pundit also has a professional and dedicated customer support team in place to attend to customer queries and guide them about their choices of gemstones.


  1. I love salman's bracelet!! :) Will check out their collection!

  2. seems to be a good one..would check out soon..
    looks really good...

    my recent one :

  3. Nice collection and specially that green ring !! Looking very precious green stone. I work with and very stingy about giving compliments ;)


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