Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap Review

Hello all beautiful ladies!
Today I am going to review a bath soap from Vaadi Herbals- Enchanting Rose.

Price and Quantity: Rs. 30/- for 75 gm
Shelf Life: 36 months
Ingredients: (as seen in pic)

What the Product Claims: A powerful anti-pigmentation formula, this soap clears dark spots and patches off your skin, as it cleanses it. English Rose's astringency and rich Vitamin C content help fade pigmentation marks; while Mulberry's arbutin inhibits melanin synthesis; thus preventing pigmentation.
  • English Rose: L:ightens pigmentation marks, tones skin
  • Mulberry: Controls melanin production, prevents pigmentation
Availability: Can be bought at all major e-commerce websites: snapdeal, flipkart, healthkart, purplle etc.
My Experience with Vaadi Herbals Enchanting Rose Soap
The soap comes nicely packed in a thin cardboard box wrapped inside a cling film packing. It is semi opaque in appearance similar to Pears and has a very vibrant red color. Not to mention it smells divine. Roses... aahhh!

The best property of the soap is that it lathers well and does not melt away. So definitely it lasts long. Talking about the anti-pigmentation formula, I really do not believe that any soap can give the desired result. Soaps are meant for cleaning of the upper layer of the skin, so it can work to remove dirt, dust, oiliness, may be some tan and nothing else. But may be I will have to continuously for atleast 6 months to comment on this aspect. The soap has a smooth texture so it offers no exfoliating properties. 
The fragrance lasts on the body for quite some time and I have come love this soap to the fullest.

My Recommendation: If you are looking for that perfect foot cream, I would suggest everyone to try this at least once. It will neither pinch your pocket nor disappoint you.
Would I Recommend: Yes, to all those who love experimenting with handmade soap and are rose lovers, this one is a must try and more so for summers.


  1. The color is so beautiful and it looks like a glycerin soap Supriya. And Rose oil is so damn costly, I wonder how come they are offering the soap at such an affordable price. If it is moisturizing enough, I would like to try it :)

    1. yes Gagan.. I am sure they would not be using a high concentration of rose oil in it.. as it is companies never reveal their exact product mix.. but this one is worth a try :)

  2. I like vaadi soaps. hey are cheap and yet works good. :)


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