Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream - My Review on Womanistan

Dear All,

How are you all. I am very sorry for not posting and I will not give any irrelevant excuse. I missed my blog so much and missed writing reviews too. Both good and bad things happened during this period and wowaa we are at the end of second month of this much hyped Year of the Dragon. Time flies.. I swear!! I have already put in place plans for my weekend. Going to meet my super cute niece (sis-in-law's daughter). Very excited!!

You can from now onwards read my posts on yet another cute, informative and intelligent blog - Womanistan. So here goes by first review of Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream. Its a very good product for people with dry skin on their foot and who are looking to treat them to some moisture. I do not know how this cream would be helpful in extreme winter conditions. It works well for me without any greasiness and dirt accumulation and lasts really long. Totally worth the price.

I will definitely give this product a thumbs up. Click here to read on the full review.


  1. I haven't explored this brand yet, but i liked the fact that it is non-sticky and absorbs quickly unlike other creams. My feet remain very dry. Currently using a repair cream from Avon footworks. Will try this one on your recommendation, once my present cream is used up :)

    1. ya do try and tell... but remember it may not be so good for summers..

  2. Fabindia products are really promising !! Its a while that i bought anything from them..would check this out !

  3. Great Post !! your blog is very informative information share....
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