Saturday, July 13, 2013

Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo

Product Description: For happy-ever-after hair... shine boost shampoo washes away the dirt, impurities and styling product residues that dull your hair. Citrus oils promote shine while natural moisturisers help to smooth and gloss the hair’s surface.

Shine boost shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes, leaving your hair feeling soft and healthy with a brilliant, natural shine.

 Price & Quantity: 595/- for 250 ml

Ingredients: see pic

Usage Instructions: Wet hair thoroughly and massage shampoo into hair from scalp to ends. Reapply if desired, then rinse well and follow with shine boost conditioner. Avoid contact with eyes.

Shelf Life: 5 years

My Experience with Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo:

The product comes in a huge plastic unlike conventional shampoo bottled packaging. It has a flip open cap. I bought this shampoo mainly because its SLS/ paraben free. When it came to choosing the variant of the shampoo, I chose this because it had the goodness of lemon in it.

The shampoo is transparent in color with a running consistency. As a result, it spreads easily and requires less amount per usage. True to its description of containing organic grapefruit and citrus essential oils, it has a pleasant lemony fragrance which freshens up my mood.

This is my first non – SLS/ paraben shampoo. Since, the shampoo is totally organic with no harmful chemicals in it, it is beneficial for the hair and scalp. After first wash, the hair does feel a bit dry but that may be because of removal of all build up caused by recent regular usage of chemical laden hair products. After continuous usage, though I could considerable difference in my hair texture, they were more manageable. Also, it reduced hair fall in the shower and while brushing too. However, I would not recommend using this shampoo alone. It is best teamed up with a good organic moisturiser.

This variant of Organic Surge shampoo is meant for normal hair but I feel that it would work equally good on oily scalp. One wash is enough to cleanse my hair on a regular basis. However, when oil is applied, two washes are needed.

PROS of Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo:

·         Totally organic, no SLS/ paraben
·         Contains goodness of grapefruit and citrus essential oils
·         Reduces hair fall
·         Washes away build up easily caused by chemical product
·         Soothing citrusy fragrance
·         Less quantity required per wash

CONS of Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo:

  • Makes hair a bit dry, hence may be followed up by a good conditioner

My Rating and Recommendation: 5/5

This has become my all time favourite shampoo. I am building up a list of non SLS/ paraben hair products and this one sure tops it. I will continue using this, though I may try other variants from them


  1. This is just awesome Supriya, our eneries do have some kind of resonance and sync. You won't believe but today I was thinking about this brand the whole day. I just tried a shampoo bar from Soulflower which was amazing but it is washing out my Henna/Indigo. So I am going to repurchase my colot protect shampoo but I am equally enticed to try their other variants.

    You are right, initially it was not very moisturising for my hair too, but after a month or so, I noticed a considerable change. Can I give a tip pls? Dilute the shampoo and instead of rubbing, pat it into the scalp and it will lather. Once your hair have adapted, it should remove oil in one wash only. Mine does. Lovely review!

    1. thats a great tip gagan... i have known this always but am always lazy to do it.. think its high time.. will start with it.. it will surely save wastage of shampoo.. :)

      nd ya we do have some kind of commanalities.. ;P

    2. Yes, I agree. I have actually wasted some from my very first time, trying to spread it through the entire hair but it just won't. Then I developed this trick and it worked :) I dilute it in a mug on the spot so no extra efforts.


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