Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maybelline New York Baby Lips: Antioxidant Berry- Review

Hello All,

How you all have been. I know there has been a long gap since the lat product review, so here I am today with a very favorite product of you all, under TPN's scanner! Who wouldn't want kissable baby soft lips?? And believe me when I say that I have found the best and doable method of achieving this. Most of you might have already tried and tested it but I must admit that it is my new found LOVE. Yes, under review today is Baby Lips Antioxidant Berry from Maybelline.

Price: Rs. 125/- for 4.5 gm 


How to use & Claims by the Company:

Available at all major e-commerce webistes: Flipkart; saw it at a discount on Purplle

My Experience with Maybelline New York Baby Lips: Antioxidant Berry

As I had revealed earlier also, I am completely in love with this lip balm. It was instant love. I know I am a bit late in reviewing this and most of you must have already experienced its awesomeness, but better late than never. So while I am on way to finish my second stick, I thought its high time t write about this. 

 You must have noticed that there is a plethora of chemical ingredients in it and thats what is most worrisome. I think extracts of berry, oil and candulla wax is what is behind the formula that makes it instantly click. You can experience a faint fruity smell which does not last long. Plus the formulation is not at all waxy at all. On application it forms a thin transparent layer on the lips and hydrates and protects for a good 3-4 hours.

As far as healing property is concerned, I had given it to my sister to use in the harsh winters of north on her chapped lips and she loved it too as it had really helped her heal the chapped lips.

My final take: This is an awesome lip product. After the Lotus Herbals Cocoa Lip Therapy lip balm, I have found this one to be completely doing what it claims. Plus the mention of all ingredients have won an extra point from me as you don't find this many other lip products.

PS: Maybelline has come with an offer price of Rs. 99/- for this variant for a small time. Go grab it!


  1. I wanna try this lip balm soon.. i have chapped lips on and off.. nice review :)

    Check out my latest on post my blog too :

  2. go ahead and grab it natasha.. u will surely love it.. plus they have it offer currently and is easily available online.. :)

  3. indeed it is a nice product :)

  4. This was my first lip balm from Maybelline and now I have 3 more flavors. I loved it too and moreover this and the Mango pie one have higher SPF than the rest of the babylips range. I found the fruity taste to be a bit overpowering though. I am in the North and I second your sister on the healing property :)

  5. Supriya dear, Can you tell me which online store is selling this for Rs 99?

    1. i saw the offer on anti oxidant berry on

  6. Sounds super cool! Just love it! Cute pics babes!

  7. I would love to try it!

    Please can you click on any link inside this post

  8. I have it in the shade Mango Pie. I am looking to buy tinted variants now :)


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