Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blog Sale - Part I

Hi folks,

So, I am gonna start with an ongoing blog sale. Will keep adding and removing products, as per availability. Terms & conditions of the sale can be checked here. In case of any further doubts, please drop me an email at

Hope you enjoy the sale!

I am going to start with sharing with you the launch of my book store. The link is as below:

This is a second hand book store, where I shall make available for you all the books that I have read or the books that have been read by my friends and family and they want to circulate them and buy new ones. This encourages us not to stop reading books, de-cluster our shelves and let the good books moving on to new hands.

So people do visit the bookstore. You can order directly from my bookstore or get in touch with through my email for better deals. If you want an exhaustive list of all the books on offer, do get in touch with me.

Remember, books are my lifeline and this particular sale is in no way for profit. This proven by the fact that I will not charge any thing extra for shipping these books across the country. The only condition being that your pincode should be serviceable through courier. All other terms and conditions of the sale remain unchanged.

Enjoy reading!


  1. Congratulations on launch of your online bookstore dear :)

  2. this is awesome supriya..COngratulations..I am not an avid reader but It is really going to help those who love reading

  3. That's soo creative of you to start a store on PayUMoney for your books. I think its about time I do the same. I have atleast 500to 600 books in my personal library

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    1. Hey that's a lot of books. How do u maintain them, I mean prevent them from wear nd tear nd dust?


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