Thursday, October 15, 2015

Avon Naturals Cherry Lip Balm - Review & Swatches

Hello Ladies,

It's been a long time, I have talked about a lip balm here, the last one being the baby lips reviewed here. I have stick to my loves, till I discovered this new cutie from Avon. Let's read on more about it.

Price: I got this for Rs. 80/-; Price in catalog varies from 80 - 160.

My Experience with Avon Naturals Cherry Lip Balm: Which girl doesn't want a lip balm at an arm's length where ever she goes. One for the purse, one for each drawer, one for the vanity pouch, one for office, one for bed side table and God knows where else! In this pursuit of filling up every nook and corner of my house with lip balms, I have been lately experimenting with quite a few of them. I came across this Avon stick and instantly ordered a couple of them which was running on a discount in a particular month and I am so glad I took that decision.

It is a pigmented lip balm which all the good things that you can think of getting in one chap stick. Yes, it does moisturize, the color does stay for long, heals your lip and lasts long. So quickly getting on to the pointers for yourself to see.

The Likes:
  1. Amazingly pigmented
  2. Survives a light meal
  3. Staying power of 3-4 hours
  4. Colorful packaging
  5. Sturdy cap
  6. Travel friendly
  7. Affordable/ inexpensive
  8. Can be hoarded if available on discount
  9. Not waxy
  10. Heals dry lip skin

The Dislikes: None!!

My Final Take: So girls, without much ado, just go ahead and order this cutie. It's available in strawberry shade also, but it is more or less, just a little bit difference in flavor. Highly recommended.


  1. I'll surely try this one out. That was a very detailed review, Thanks for sharing!
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  2. I wa skeptical about this before i will go ahead and buy this :)

  3. That's a beautiful tint the balm is giving.

  4. I am glad that it gives a pretty pink color....

  5. I have tried this lip balm from Avon and also the almond one. But the smell was too overpowering and hence I didn't go for the next purchase. :) At the same time my mom loved this. Well reviewed :)

  6. This looks great..loved the packaging 😀


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