Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One Lovely Blog!

Yippie.... I got another award folks... This time again from my favorite blogger Kumkum from Mumma's World.

Thank you dear for the lovely pink award... Thanks a ton.

I pass on this award to:

  1. Rati Faux PasFaux Pas
  2. Supriya Indulging Myself
  3. Dr. Rashmi Health, Beauty and Babbles
  4. Anuradha A Wandering Mind
  5. Riya Working Mom Survival Guide
  6. Nidhi Mind and Tummy
Cheers to all!!.... 


  1. hi thanks for this, since i am very new to this, how do i actually accept, do i manually upload a jpeg of this , or do i put a link. sorry i knw i sound dumb. but do let me know how it works.

  2. Congrats on your award! I hope you get more!

  3. @supriya you need to mention the recepit of this award by means of a post on your blog, post a pic on your blog roll and pass on the award to your fav fellow bloggers. spread the smile

  4. Thanks Supriya for your kind gesture :) For now, I cannot put any awards on my blog. May be sometime in the future. So sorry :(

  5. I like this blog so much. I have liked it so much that I have saved it to my bookmarks.


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