Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Giveaway- Free Gift Vouchers from (Closed)

Hello folks,

We all love our mothers immensely. Don't we! She is our heart, soul and life. She is the beginning, she is the end. She has no comparison. She is the prettiest women on earth and the smartest one too! She is a powerhouse, a treasurer, a counselor, God. Mothers have a never ending list of charismatic qualities to them. 

TPN sends out lots of love and hug to all the mothers of the world. You deserve it Mom. To celebrate this Mother's Day (although a stereotype day is not needed for her), we in association with bring to you a very simple giveaway.

There are just 4 steps in order to qualify for this giveaway:

1. Like The Purple Notebook's FB page
3. Comment below or on TPN's FB page with an answer to the question: ""Which is the one characteristic/ quality/ habit of you mum that you want to copy/ emulate in yourself as it is?""
4. Share this post on your blog/ FB page/ G+/ Twitter handle/ Instagram

Two winners will be announced as a result and each one will receive a Rs. 500 coupon from

The Giveaway winners will be announced on May 12, 2015.

So brace yourselves and get going..


  1. Keep matter what!!!! Akriti

  2. I have learnt to keep patience,and to be a good human from my MOM.. Shared the giveaway on my social sites by tagging check..

  3. my mum is my super woman. I want all her qualities as a mum in me :) :)

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  5. I want to learn being patient and the way she still take care of us..LOVE U Lottttssss..😘😘

  6. Oh this is so sweet..I want to have patience like my mom :)

  7. "I want Patience like my Mom" :)

  8. My mother is so active. She does all the household works, from cooking till washing all the vessels. We don't have any servants in our home. Like an ant, she works continuously, without getting tired. But, in the opposite, I'm very lazy. I don't even do a single work at home, other than eating & sleeping... Lolzzz... Yeah... that's me... :(
    I actually want to be active like my mom. This is the quality which I want to copy from my mom.
    Looking at her, nowadays, I'm also trying myself to be active and help her in her household works.

    Completed all the steps !
    Facebook name: Divya Asha
    Shared link:

  9. My Mom is a strong lady , who has always taught us to be mentally strong in difficult situations and try to sort out problems with patience , hard work and prayers. I want to inhibit this thing in me , mental tuffness of my Mom.
    FB Link:


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