Sunday, November 10, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Hope you all had a cracker of a diwali.

Recently I received The Versatile Blogger Award from Shivi and Garima of Cosmochics and I am really honoured. Thank you guys. This coming from you makes it all the more special. I like her blog a lot and specially the "info on the platter part". Do read her blog if you want some great reviews on skin care products and also some tips on house interiors and decorations.

Here are the rules of the award:

1) If you are nominated, you are awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!

2) Please thank the person who gave you this award (courtesy!).
3) Include the link of her blog (courtesy, again).
4) Nominate other bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
5) Finally, tell the person who nominated you & do tell 7 things about yourself (ex. What all u love/hate….like/dislike) etc.

Now the 5th part is the most fun thing and I had a great time thinking and writing it all for you. Hope you all enjoy reading.
  1. I am not a full time blogger. I am a MBA graduate turned finance professional and run this small blog in my free time, which I hardly get (you can vouch for this fact from the frequency of my posts!). But nonetheless, I love blogging and interacting with all you guys.
  2. I have a thing for everything indigenous and organic. It's not that I hate foreign brands, their skin care products or cosmetics, but I will anytime prefer an Indian brand. One cannot avoid chemicals in skin care products or cosmetics completely but there are somethings, like my shampoo that have to be strictly SLS/ paraben free. (finicky no!)
  3. I am a biggggg CHOCOLATE fan. I don't need any reason for have one. Whether I am happy or sad, PMSing or not, hungry or full, you show me one chocolate and I will gobble it down. I can be so mean that I won't even ask anyone to share it ;P (My friends hate me for that!). I can gorge like maniac on pizza, chhole bhatura (home made) and pav bhaji.
  4. I love my mother the most. My hubs is envious of the fact, but he appreciates it too. She is my strength as well as weakness. She is the power and reason for me to exist in whichever form and manner I am today. Love you Maa!
  5. I am disgusted with lizards and cockroaches. The moment I see them, I run as far as possible from them.
  6. My idea of relaxation is a lazying on a sofa with a book in hand. A good read eases all my tensions and tiredness. Very soft music in the background is an added advantage.
  7. I love online shopping. Not that I don't enjoy visiting malls but online shopping gives me the much required ease plus the hassle free experience.
So these seven pointers have given you a hint on what I would love as a gift- books and chocolates! And if you want to treat me, take me out for a pizza. Hehehe...

Nomination time now! So here goes the list-
Congratulations girls!! Waiting to read your answers soon.


  1. Congrats dear!! even I like relaxing with a book. :)
    Thank u for passing this to me.:)

  2. Congrats on receiving this award Supriya and I am happy to know more about you as a person, through this post :) I have always adored you, you are a very good human being. And thanks for passing on the award to me.

    1. thank u so much gagan.. u know how much i admire you!

  3. aww thankyou so much love! You are doing an absolutely amazing job! Loved reading about you and It would be great If we can chat with you sometime on FB! have a great Life!
    PS. hate lizards too!!!! :)

  4. Congrats and thanks Dear :)
    Please do participate in my blog's contest dear

  5. Thanks a lot darling for the beautiful nomination...loved knowing more about you. Now I know, if I meet you, I should have some chocolates with me :)

  6. Have already tagged friends previously and thus would be doing the post without tagging people again and would definitely let you know :D :D Thank you sooooooooooo much Supriya and Congratulations ^_^

    1. Also, I am following you via GFC now! Hope you'll follow back too :))


    2. thats ok arpita... i am already your follower :)

  7. We have so much in common dear.. I love my mom the mostt!! .. Online shoppingg..hate lizardss and every unwanted reptile in home!! :D :D
    Lovely post dear and thanks for the award.. :)

  8. Thanx for the nomination dear..vl do a post soon :)

  9. Congrats on receiving this award and thanks a million for passing it to me as well. I too love to relax on the sofa and read.

  10. Thank you for the nomination! Loved knowing a bit more about you. I am big chocolate fan too! :D

  11. Good post. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep it up!

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