Thursday, July 17, 2014

Richfeel Orange Almond Scrub Review

Hello friends, 

Today the product that I am going to talk about is the Orange and Almond Scrub from Richfeel. This is a mild scrub and helps in good exfoliation of the skin.

 Price & Quantity: INR 260 for 100 gms

Shelf Life: 24 months

Directions for Use: Massage in a circular motion all over wet face for 3-4 minutes, especially on blackheads. Then wash off with Richfeel face wash.

Ingredients: orange peel, walnut shell granules, kaolin, isopropyl myristate, glycerine, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, purified water.

Online Availability: Purplle, medplusbeauty, ebay, flipkart, amazon

My Experience with Richfeel Orange Almond Scrub

I prefer scrubs over face washes in sticky summer/ monsoon season as they serve the dual purpose of cleaning and exfoliation. This Richfeel scrub reminds me a lot of the same type of scrub from Everyuth which I am sure all of us have used at one point of time or other. The scrub cleanses well and the skin feels fresh after usage.

Ingredient Synopsis: Isopropyl myristate is a skin-conditioning agent commonly used in face washes, shampoos and creams. It is non-toxic. However, this chemical is said to cause irritation in areas around the eye but I did not experience any such thing in spite of having sensitive skin. Cetyl alcohol is a surfactant and is low on the skin damage indicator. Stearic acid is also a surfactant and is basically derived from animal fat but can also be found in many vegetables and coconut. It is said to have harsh effects on sensitive skin.

Frankly saying, none of the ingredients caused any side effect on my skin and I feel that the scrub is true to its claims. The directions on the back of the tube say that one should massage around the blackhead area for around 3-4 minutes. I think it would be too long and harsh to massage for that long. 1-2 minutes should be just fine. Also the directions suggest to follow up cleaning with Richfeel face wash. I do not find any merit in this suggestion as the scrub already has two surfactants in it and does a good job of cleaning, so a separate face wash is not required.

My Final Take: It is decent scrub for monsoon/summers. A mild exfoliator, cleanses well and helps keep the skin clean. However, there are many options in the market but giving this one a try will not be regretted by anyone. A good product.


  1. nice review dear:)orange scent i want this one now:)love the orangy always

  2. wow lovely shade.

  3. Scrubs dry out my skin further, so I use them only on my oily t-zone. But orange peel, walnut shell granules, kaolin all sound very tempting :) Nice review Supriya.

    1. hey Gagan.. it's a non-drying scrub with cream base.. if your skin is not too sensitive you can sparingly use it :)


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