Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shudvi Splendour Hair Care Oil- Review & Swatches

Hello Ladies,

Today I would like to introduce you to 100% pure and natural hand made oil for your hair care routine. I am really glad that I got to use this oil and would not boast about about it but just bring our the real good facts.


Price: INR 315 for 100 ml

My Experience with Shudvi Hair Oil: The color of this hair oil is very similar to any amla hair oil, but a bit lighter. The fragrance is awesome. It has a mix of herbs so can not particularly distinguish the smell. The hair oil when used on hair strands, feels very light and absorbs quickly not weighing down you hair much. It is a good head massage oil. I usually apply it at night and keep it as it is. And the next day, I wash it off with a mild shampoo. Now coming to the after wash effects. I swear people, I could feel the difference in hair texture. 

 My hair felt so soft and manageable that after much time, I did not want to use a conditioner or a hair serum. Since, the oil is light, double shampooing is not required, but I have a habit so did it. But hair oil had come out nicely with the first wash only. I have even used it once in a way that I had to wash my hair in half an hour after applying this. Then too, there was no problem in removal. The oil does help in hair fall as I have noticed a significant educe in hair fall post it's usage.

My expectation from this oil were mainly limited to how well it nourished my hair and what changes it made to the texture. However, I am yet to experience long term effects of using this but I can certainly say that it made my hair very soft and tangle free. I cannot even comment on it helping in split end repair as I don't have any.

The Likes:
  1. Fragrance
  2. Makes hair soft and manageable
  3. Light texture
  4. Can be washed easily with a mild shampoo
  5. Helps fight hair fall
  6. Available easily
The Dislikes:
  1. High price
My Final Take: I agree the oil is pricey. I will also refrain from saying that it is worth it, simply because Shudvi is not a luxury or a high end brand (like FE or Tvam) on which people will be ready to splurge for their benefits. But I will definitely say that the oil is marvelous. At the same time, I am in two minds, whether to purchase this again or not. Since, this being a PR sample, I could benefit from it, but certainly would not have picked it up on my own from the shelves. Still, for folks who want to go ahead and give it a try, can do so blind folded.

The brand is easily available on amazon, flipkart, craftsville and paytm and can also be bought from their website

PS: PR sample for review. Opinion is un-influenced and is as honest as it could be!


  1. I need something to make my hair soft too.

  2. Seems like a lovely organic product that I'd love to try out soon. Thanks for a detailed review Suriya

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  3. Now this one is confusing me :P I am not sure if i wold pick this up but the fact that it is organic makes it a probable candidate :D

    1. :P the price confuses for sure but the product is worth exploring if you love your tresses!


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