Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Awards Gallore

Hello everyone!

I have received a number of awards from fellow bloggers and friend over the past couple of months but did not get the opportunity to tell everyone about them. So here I present them---

Demi Mist presented me with two awards during her Halloween Contest. She is the face behind A very beautiful and talented lady she is. Visit her blog to know her more.

Thank you Demi!

Another blog from Radha of My Noble Secrets. On her blog, you will find, home tips to beauty and also various recipes and lots and lots of makeup reviews. I received the same award from Ishwarya of I am Girly.  Do check our her blog if you want to stay updated on all the giveaways happening around!!.. 

Thanks Radha & Ishwarya for the gesture.

This is for you Demi, Radha and Ishwarya... 

I pass on these awards to my fellow bloggers,

1. Demi
2. Richa
3. Radha
4. Smita
5. Shruti
6. Lancy
7. Kumkum

Pass on these awards friends and enjoy the love of sharing!!

Take Care.


  1. Congrats Supriya. Well deserved awards. xx

  2. Congrats Supriya and thank you so much dear to pass the award to me.:)

    1. thanks niesha and congratulations to u too :)

  3. Congratulations and thank you very much!

    1. thanks demi dear and congratulations to u :)

  4. Congrats Supriya ....Well deserving and thanks for sharing it with me !!!!

  5. congrats supriya and thanks for passing on the award to me :)

  6. This is awesome..Congrats and keep going!
    I enjoyed your previous posts too where you talked about various make-up products!!Love

    choose you own giveaway via!!

  7. congratssss and THnkssssssssssssssssss
    i am late i kknow :(
    still i accept all with both hands..
    yahooo :D

    1. u r never too late for god things in life!! :) congrats dear :)

  8. Congo Supriya And Thanks For the Award :)
    Sorry for late response because I was sick...


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