Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Straight Silky Hair are In

Scene I

On the walk from school back to home,
"Hey how come you have got so straight hairs, mine are all wavy and curly!" : Swati (my bestest friend)
"Oh common, whats so great about it... It's natural.. I mean God gift, you know", snap came the reply from me.

Scene II

Parlor Aunty to my Mom : "Behenji, your daughter has got so silky hair, ask her to never cut them short.. Long, staright, silky hair are in, you see!!..."

I snapped again (this time in my head) : Duh, concentrate on trimming my mom's hair and stop staring at mine.

Scene III 

After a lot of cajoling, I convinced my mother to highlight my hair for my cousin's marriage. After all it was the first marriage after so many years and more so, I was legally an adult (turned 18 a month back). So obviously, it was my time to flaunt in my bro's marriage. Everything had to be different and chic.

But, the same parlor aunty : "Beta you will spoil your locks. Look how beautiful they are. Do you have any idea what you are going to do?"

Mother changed her mind and this time I snapped again (again in my head) : My fault, you (read parlor aunty) are so obsessed about my hair.

Then time flied by, I completed graduation and came to Mumbai for my higher studies and the story from here is same for many. My hair could not adjust to the hostel life, junk food, water, weather and lack of sleep and proper nourishment. Mom was not there to take care of my tresses. Hair fall started and then thinning. My hair lost shine and became rough and wavy at the ends. I would curse my hair for not making me look beautiful and in turn they blamed me for not taking care of them.

I decided to be careful with them now and carefully chose products for my hair. They started behaving well but woh pehle wali baat nahi thi. Mom would suggest all types of home made masks and my hair fall stopped. But I wanted my straight silky locks back. Saw a sunsilk ad on TV that claimed making your hair straight  I wanted my fellow bloggers to second this claim, meanwhile got this opportunity of receiving free samples from sunsilk itself. I jumped but was apprehensive too. The bright purple bottles were calling for me.

To be very honest, I am not a big fan of sunsilk. Though have used many of their products in childhood, as I entered my teens, I stopped buying from them altogether. Anyways, I received the parcel and first I used the shampoo and I loved it and I hated it. Loved it because it my hair soft and hated it because it caused hair fall. I had seen so many strands of hair on my bathroom floor after such a long time. On further drilling, I found that the culprit was SLS. I had stopped using sulphate shampoos altogether as this chemical was the main reason for my hair fall and thinning and here it was back in my hand. I decided to shun it and never use the product again. I forgot the straightaning part and just cried over the lost hair. 

But that was not all as the conditioner was also lying there untested. And its turn came pretty soon when I finished my ongoing conditioner and had to use the Sunsilk one. My experience with the conditioner was just the opposite. I applied it after washing my hair with my regular shampoo and boy what an experience. Silky smooth hair is what I could. After it dried off, my hair were straight  not poker straight but more straight than I have seen them from so many years. It was bliss and I was happy. I forgot the disaster with the shampoo and am in LOVE with the conditioner. An insight is that the effect does not remain for even two days and I started getting the usual waves. But no complains, I am happy with the conditioner. At last I love something from Sunsilk.

Though this sunsilk range could help me get back my original silky locks, I have made a good discovery in form of their conditioner. 

Take Care!


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  2. I was going to post a review on this and coincidentally the same day your review came :) My sample arrived quite late in fact after the contest date for which it was meant. Same experience, loved the straightening and noticing hairfall from 2nd use onwards and it's increasing each time. I also use SLS free shampoo otherwise. Great idea to try the conditioner with that. Thank you! :)

    1. using sunsilk shampoos after a long time was a bad idea for my hair.. anyways thats bygone!.. back to my organic shampoos..
      glad you liked the post.. :)

    2. :) yeah loved to know you had silky beautiful hair from childhood. I was also in Navi Mumbai for a year around 2003 and on the contrary the humid weather turned favorable and my hair length had increased noticeably in that one year :) Rest Gurgaon water killed mny hair when I returned to the north.


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