Friday, July 3, 2015

Avon Ultra Rich Rubies Lipstick Majestic Mauve - Review & Swatches

Hello people,

We can never have enough of pink lipsticks, can we? I usually jump at the sight of a pink lippie to see whether I have that shade of pink in my stash. And it always happens so that I don't have one ;P lol... So this time when I saw this pretty pink bullet, I had to grab it. The only difference is that it is a gift from a dear friend.

Now these ultra rick rubies lipstick were a limited launch from Avon and reportedly claimed to be infused with real rubies! (really...) They came in 7 shades namely:
  • Pink Royalty
  • Fuchsia Fame
  • Imperial Pink
  • Majestic Mauve
  • Noble Nude
  • Princely Plum
  • Radiant Ruby
They were priced at around Rs. 400/- per bullet and the size is a generous 3.8gm. But as per the scheme running at a particular time, it can be grabbed at a lesser price.

My Experience with Avon Ultra Rich Rubies Lipstick Majestic Mauve: The color is simply not mauve. It is pink with blue undertones. Now talking about the rubies part, one can imagine the texture being granular and coarse but that is not the case. It is smooth and the lipstick glides perfectly. Now I really can't comment on these having real rubies in them! Last I knew that rubies did not come cheap. 

The lipstick has shimmer and lot's of it. I usually apply a generous coat on my lips and this way the shimmer does not show on them much. But if you do a hand swatch and rub it off, you can see what I mean to say. 

The lipstick does not have a good staying power. It fades off unevenly. I have noticed it stays on the edge of your lips a tad bit more. Overall, it lasts only for 2-3 hours which is pretty bad I guess. It definitely cannot survive a breakfast meal, which makes it worse than a few lip glosses that I know of and stay for about 3 hours.

The color pay-off is pretty good as well the pigmentation. But it transfers a lot and that's a case with many other lipsticks too, so no complaints.

In sunlight

In White light

The Likes

1. Classy packaging. Gives a royal feel
2. Color pigmentation
3. Ease of application because of the bullet shape
4. Moisturizes lips and glides on smoothly

The Dislikes

1. Poor lasting power
2. Leaves shimmer behind
3. Fades unevenly
4. Price
5. Transfers

My Final Take: I did not like the lipstick much except for the pretty color. But I am sure, other brands would be having similar colors. I would definitely not recommend buying this.


  1. I have never tried Avon..Thanks for the review sweets..I am not going to waste money on this one :)

  2. this seems a dud product :( lovely swatches dear :)

    1. Tnx rakhi... not completely a dud. Only for those who love sparkle in their lipstick

  3. this is too sparkly for me

  4. Doesnt look to be great product. Ok ok for me.

  5. Thanks for the review. I am scared of Avon lipsticks due to their reportedly high lead content. But I enjoyed the review. I wonder how it doesn't feel gritty with that much shimmer. And the real rubies infusion claim :)

    Your nose ring looks super sexy Supriya.

    1. tnx for the info Gagan but I guess lead would be in most leading brand's lipsticks.. nd thnk u for the compliment :)

  6. I din't like the sparkling texture. skip for me.

    1. the texture is smooth but lots of sparkles :)

  7. Hi supriya! It has got lots of shimmers and I am not a lover of them. Surely skipping this !

  8. I love red and deep red lipstick. But this contain too much shimmer for my liking. Going to give it a miss :(


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